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SUNDAYS workshopS: makeup and Brunch

Sundays become sublime with monthly Makeup and Brunch workshops where you can learn insider tips and tricks from our professional makeup artists. The workshops include brunch and are held in English in a convenient location in Brussels.

team buildIng & Professional PRESENTATION

We organise training and team building events with tailored courses on presentation, grooming and beauty - depending on your company needs. Contact us by email for more information.

Private MAKEUP workshops

Preparing for a special night or a special event? We can organize a private session for you and your friends. Our team of professional makeup artists is available and will answer to all makeup needs for your very special event.

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We spend on average 2 years of our lives applying make-up! Shouldn’t you ensure it’s time well spent? For example is your technique highlighting your eyes making them sparkle? What shade suits your skin best ? 


Our personalised workshops will teach you about makeup and techniques and secrets of the trade. This workshop is a fabulous moment to develop your makeup and beauty skills as well as having a fun time over brunch.  Makeup lovers from all levels are welcome to join our workshops.

The Makeup & Brunch team will give individual feedback and teach you techniques used on photoshoots and on the runway. From our introduction to makeup which will teach you the basics about artistry, to our lesson about using contouring and eyeliner to transform your features, our team is eager to give you the keys to a successful makeup.

You can practice with our skin care and talc-free products. You are also invited  to bring your own makeup so our teachers can give you personalised feedback to develop your look.



The Makeup and Brunch team



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