Introduction to makeup

Learn which makeup best suits your face and features while reviewing essential steps and tools. This course starts from the basics, from preparing your skin to applying foundation and doing touch-ups - we will teach you the different steps of makeup application. It is a great time to experiment and get some advice from a professional makeup artist. (2 hours)

The natural look

This course will give you the skills you need for a flawless and natural looking makeup. This trendy « no makeup look » will enhance your features without giving the impression that you are hiding yoursef behind makeup!

Learn how to achieve a blended, subtle and discreet makeup and learn the secrets of this technique from professionals.

(2 hours)

Evening makeup

In this course, we will teach you how to achieve a successful evening makeup focusing on playing with highlights and shadows. You will learn about contouring and tricks used by makeup artists to unleash your inner diva! (2 hours)

Advance makeup course

Would you like to boost your makeup skills to the next level ? In this course, you will learn how pigments, false eyelashes and colour combinations can give you a stunning look. If you already know the basics of makeup artistry or you followed one of our courses before, this course will teach you how to step up your makeup skills. (2 hours)

Bridal makeup style

This workshop is an opportunity to develop and perfect your bridal look. Are you getting married ? Would you like to spice up your bachelorette party ? Are you attending a wedding and you wish to look fabulous ? This workshop will combine elements of « the natural look » course with a touch of glamour. (2 hours)

Makeup for business success

What kind of style should I wear for this business meeting ? Which style should I use to look more confident and professional ? How can I still look fresh after long hours of work ? In this workshop we will reveal the essential tips and tricks to achieve the most convincing and successful professional look. (2 hours)

Femme fatale

This workshop focuses on the eyes and how to perfect your eyeliner skill while enhancing your lips. You will learn how to apply the eyeshadow which suits you best and how to redefine your lips. Also, learn more about false eyelashes – try them on and see if they suit your look.  

(2 hours)

Drag makeup

Unleash your inner diva and stage persona with this drag makeup course. Learn the basics directly from a professional drag makeup artist and experiment with makeup to look spectacular !

(4hours, price on request. max 5 participants)

Female makeup coaching

Are you transitioning and curious to know how to create a more feminine look? This workshop aims to use makeup to uncover your new self. We coach women in different transition stages. (Private session only)

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